20 Jan 2016 – iPad Dulcimer App Hammers designed by Sam Rizzetta

  Sam Rizzetta, one of the world’s masters in the design and building of hammered dulcimers, has come up with an innovative design for conductive hammers to use with my apps. Click the image below to download his design as a .PDF file.

17 Jan 2015 – “Tune This Dulcimer” – Hammered Dulcimer Tuning Game

  Now for something completely different… 🙂 “Tune This Dulcimer” Hammered Dulcimer Tuning Game Have fun learning to tune your Hammered Dulcimerentirely by ear with this innovative new music game! Coming soon to the iTunes App Store More Information I blame Jim Przywara, he was joking with me last week about making my hammered dulcimer … Read more

13 Jan 2016 – AppCordions featured on “The Daily News Tech Show”

  AppCordions.com was featured on “The Daily News Tech Show” with Tom Merritt: Check out the “Picks of the Day” segment starting around 30:20!

9 Jan 2016 – Roland Virtual Sound Canvas

  Imagine every Roland Sound Canvas MIDI module in an iPad app for $19.99, works perfectly with all my MIDI controller apps. http://www.roland.com/products/sound_canvas_for_ios/ Sound Canvas for iOS supports the four different sound maps compatible with the Sound Canvas series, including SC-8820, SC-88Pro, SC-88 and SC-55. Also supported are the GM2 and GM tone maps. The … Read more

9 Jan 2016 – “D550 Chromatic Hammered Dulcimer” by Dusty Strings

  I’m a great fan of Dusty Strings hammered dulcimers, having previously owned a Dulcetta, a D10, and a D500. I’ve been playing their instruments for over 25 years. For several years now, Ray Mooers, the founder and president of Dusty Strings has asked me at the annual NAMM show about writing a hammered dulcimer … Read more

7 Jan 2016 – All of my “Trapezoid” apps now available on the iTunes App Store!

  I am thrilled to report that the entire family of my Trapezoid hammered dulcimer apps for the iPhone and iPad are now available for purchase on the iTunes App Store! Here are the direct iTunes App Store links to the apps: Trapezoid for iPhone – On sale for $0.99 for the first week! Download … Read more

3 Jan 2016 – An Introduction to CoreMIDI

  There’s an amazing and easy to use music production and performance capability built into your iPhone or iPad that you probably have no idea is there. The technology is called CoreMIDI, and was brought to iOS from the Mac OS way back when iOS 4.2 was released back around 152 B.C. (aka 2010) MIDI … Read more

2 Jan 2016 – New Virtual MIDI Output Port features coming to several apps!

  Happy New Year! Big news about my “MIDIChanter” and “MIDIPipes” Scottish and Irish Bagpipes MIDI practice chanters, “MIDIFlute”, and “Trapezoid MIDI” apps for the iPad! For those of you who are interested in another option for practicing Scottish or Irish bagpipes on the iPad, I wanted to tell you about “Universal Piper”, a MIDI … Read more