7 Jan 2016 – All of my “Trapezoid” apps now available on the iTunes App Store!

I am thrilled to report that the entire family of my Trapezoid hammered dulcimer apps for the iPhone and iPad are now available for purchase on the iTunes App Store!

Here are the direct iTunes App Store links to the apps:

Trapezoid for iPhone – On sale for $0.99 for the first week!
Download the iPhone version from the iTunes App Store

Trapezoid for iPad
Download the iPad version from the iTunes App Store

Trapezoid MIDI for iPad
Download from the iTunes App Store

For those of you with the 1.0 version of Trapezoid for the iPad, be sure to download the latest update version 1.6.3 from the iTunes App Store.

Version 1.6.3 is a major update and adds the following new features:

Trapezoid now supports both Standard and Michigan (octave) tuning. Switch between the turnings on the settings screen.

The app now supports traditional “drag rolls” technique. Drag rolls are performed by quickly dragging your finger quickly across the string horizontally. The can be enabled or disabled on the settings screen, when you can also adjust the sensitivity. The higher the sensitivity, the shorter distance you need to move your finger to get the effect.

You may now choose between Traditional or “StrikeZones” instrument styles.

The new “StrikeZones” instrument style shows you exactly where to touch on the screen for each note. The zones light up when touched. It is an excellent tool for understanding or teaching the layout of the instrument.

New improved graphics.

As suggested, replaced the C5 at the top of the Bass bridge with a D#5.

Version 2.0 of Trapezoid for iPad is currently in review with Apple. It will add the ability to switch between hard and soft hammer sounds.