My Free ABC Transcription Tools

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“I’ve used various ABC apps and Web tools for many years, and this is by far the best.”

“Thanks for making my life easier.” – Jim Besser

My ABC Transcription Tools are a powerful, free, web-based, open-source tool
I built for converting music in ABC format to standard notation and tablature.

It runs 100% client-side in your browser. You can even copy the source code
from the GitHub link below and run it locally on your computer. No server required.

This powerful, full-featured ABC conversion tool can generate standard music notation from ABC files, show note names along with notation, and also create tablature for mandolin, bouzouki, mandola, standard guitar, DADGAD guitar, or whistle.

It can play your tunes with high-quality instrument sounds based on the sample libraries from my iOS Apps.

It can also transpose ABC tunes up or down in semitone increments.

It can generate PDF tunebooks, ABC text or notation-based tune incipits,
as well as URL Share links and QR Codes for sharing your tune sets with others.

Use it on your iPad!

Learn More About It Here

ABC Transcription Tools User Guide

Play Your Tunes With One Click of a Button!

Add a Table of Contents and/or Tunebook Index

Create Tune Incipits

Create ABC Incipits

ABC Share URLs and QR Codes

ABC Share URLs and QR Codes are a quick and easy way to share
your ABC tunes with friends or to post tunes on social media sites.

Anyone with the ABC Share URL or QR Code can view, edit, save, and share their own copy of the tunes.

Example ABC Share URLs

Launch the tool with three sets of polkas from the group “Sliabh Notes” pre-loaded

Launch the tool with the Michael Coleman set
(“The Tarbolton” – “The Longford Collector” – “The Sailor’s Bonnet”) pre-loaded

Launch the tool with “Muireann’s” jig (by Niall Vallely) for Anglo Concertina pre-loaded

QR Codes for Sharing Tunes

The QR Codes the tool creates are a visual representation of an ABC Share URL that you
can scan with the Camera app on your iOS or Android device.

Scanning the QR Code will open the ABC Share URL encoded in the
QR Code on the phone’s browser.

QR Codes are a .PNG image and can be posted on social media, used on websites, or even printed.

QR Code for three sets of polkas from the group “Sliabh Notes”


Example Tune Set QR Codes

I have a collection of sample QR codes for tune sets at:

ABC Tool QR Codes on Flickr

Try scanning them on your mobile device to launch the ABC Tool with the tune set embedded in the QR code.

GitHub Repository

The source code for the entire project is available for free download at:

My abctools repo on GitHub