Hohner MIDI Chromatic Accordion Control Surface

Watch as I use the app to play string ensemble sounds from IK Multimedia SampleTank running as a synthesizer app in the background on the same iPad. Song is “Estrellas” by Stéphane Delicq. Hohner MIDI Chromatic Accordion Control Surface

5 new Hohner iOS apps for piano and chromatic accordion players!

  I’m very excited to announce 5 new Hohner iOS apps for Piano and Chromatic accordion players! MIDI controllers for each style as well! Hohner Piano SqueezeBox (iPad) Hohner Piano Mini-SqueezeBox (iPhone/iPod Touch) Hohner Chromatic SqueezeBox (iPad) Hohner MIDI Piano Accordion – MIDI controller (iPad) Hohner MIDI Chromatic Accordion – MIDI controller (iPad) All are … Read more

The making of the “Hohner MIDI Piano Accordion” app

A nice review of my “Uilleann Classic” iPad app by Dion

Here’s a nice review of my Uilleann Classic app by Dion:

“This has to be the best app I have ever owned! I play it daily and when I’m away I miss it!

Beautiful sampled sounds of the Uilleann Irish Pipes, which invoke some savored, long lost dream into reality with such poignancy. Think Braveheart and Riverdance with a richness all its own.

This app plays the heart strings of my soul and I can’t praise it enough. It’s genius!

The app allows you to make delicate inflections within the tune being played, such is the versatility within the programming and moreover, is in keeping with and has an affinity to the Uilleann Pipes themselves, allowing for great individual interpretation of personal style and technique, recognized within all Irish Music. This app gives the player scope for individuality.

The sounds are lush and diverse, plug-in your headphones and you’re in a Cathedral. Your “air” taking flight into the lofty eaves. Or transport to a village hall for a “jig” and a “reel”!

I have to say, I have spent countless hours playing this brilliant app and not one of them wasted!

Thank you,




  Hello and welcome to my new musical instrument apps website! After nearly 8 years, the original TradLessons.com site was starting to look pretty long in the tooth, so I’ve transitioned over to a newer, more modern mobile-friendly WordPress-based design and was lucky enough to get the great perfect new domain name for the site: … Read more