3 March 2016 – Audiobus and GarageBand Support!

For years my apps have been standalone instruments and did not work with Audiobus or Garageband. I simply didn’t know how to add this capability. A few weeks ago I was chatting with Jesse Chappell, the developer of ThumbJam, and he convinced me that I should really look into adding Audiobus and Inter-App Audio capabilities to my apps.

It was a challenge, but I was able to update many of my more popular iPad apps to now include Audiobus and Inter-App Audio, eight of which were released this morning:

Major updates out now for all of the following apps that adds Audiobus as well as Inter-App Audio Instrument support for use with GarageBand:

Bagpipes Pro – Five sets of Irish, Scottish, and Swedish bagpipes, transposable and tunable.

Uilleann (Portrait half-set version) – Traditional Irish bellows driven bagpipes – chanter and drones, multiple keys, tunable

Uilleann (Landscape full-set version) – Traditional Irish bellows driven bagpipes, chanter, regulators, multiple keys, tunable

Irish Flute Pro – Traditional wooden keyless flute (Single piece design) – Multiple keys, tunable

Irish Flute Pro – Traditional wooden keyless flute (Split design) – Multiple keys, tunable

Tin Whistle Pro – Traditional Irish Tin Whistle – Multiple keys, tunable

Trapezoid – Hammered Dulcimer – 15/14 using the same samples as the ThumbJam hammered dulcimer

Englitina – 48-button English Concertina

I’ve also submitted updates to Apple of several of the flagship Hohner accordion iPad apps to include Audiobus and IAA integration, so stay tuned for more news in the next few days about those when they are available. These include the Hohner two and three-row Diatonic Accordions, Piano Accordion, and Chromatic Button Accordion apps.

A huge thanks to Jesse for his support and convincing me to go down this path.

I hope you will enjoy them I’m looking forward to seeing how people will use these apps now that they support Audiobus.

Cheers and thanks,