23 Dec 2015 – Nice sidebar in “Accordion Life” Magazine!

  A nice little sidebar about my Hohner Piano and Chromatic SqueezeBox apps in the latest “Accordion Life” magazine! Sign up for your own free subscription today at: http://accordionlife.com/magazine/

19 Dec 2015 – Trapezoid – Hammer Dulcimer for iPhone

  Just finished up the iPhone version of Trapezoid: It’s a 12/11 instrument on the iPhone 5 and 6, and a 9/9 on the iPhone 4. Shown running on an iPhone 6 Should be out by Jan 1, 2016

10 Dec 2015 – Featured Artist: Fernando Arroyo

  Fernando Arroyo from Guanajuato, Mexico sent this to me, said he was using the apps to learn about the instrument. Seven minutes of pure awesomeness on the Hohner SqueezeBox apps for iPad!

10 Dec 2015 – New version 3.0.1 of “Regulators”

  This is for those of you who have my “Regulators” app for the iPhone. When Apple introduced iOS 9.0, the app starting having all kinds of issues with clicking. Version 3.0.1, coming out by Christmas fixes the problem and adds a new reverb effect. Free update for existing customers, $0.99 for new customers on … Read more

10 Dec 2015 – Uilleann piper Faliq Auri using “Regulators” for his recording project

  Click the photo below to listen to this amazing recording of Uilleann piper Faliq Auri using my “Regulators” app along with his 1/2 set for his recording of “Archipelago’s set : Mount Agung’s Jig / Paris Van Java Jig” Click photo to listen

7 Dec 2015 – Uilleann and Uilleann-B 4.0 Updates for iOS 8 and 9

  Uilleann and Uilleann-B started having some click issues on iOS 9, so I’ve completely rewritten them around the audio engine I wrote for Trapezoid. Version 4.0 is currently in review with Apple, should be available as a free update for those with the app around Dec 20th. The app sells for $2.99. I’m also … Read more

4 Dec 2015 – “Trapezoid” – Hammer Dulcimer for the iPad

  A little something I just submitted to the iTunes App Store. A huge thank you to Jesse Chappell for the use of the samples of his dad’s awesome sounding James Jones instrument! Currently in review with Apple, should be available around Dec 12th. Price will be $0.99 for the first week on the iTunes … Read more

24 Nov 2015 – Some great publicity from AccordionLife.com

  Some great publicity for the Piano and Chromatic accordion apps by Hohner online lesson partner AccordionLife.com   http://accordionlife.com/recommended-apps/   To help promote their new online lessons, the Chromatic and Piano apps will all be only $0.99 until Dec 1!

6 Nov 2015 – “ePipesDrones” is now Free!

  “ePipesDrones”, the Scottish bagpipes tunable drones simulator app for iPhone is now free until Jan 1, 2016! The samples used are from “Studio Piper” by epipes.co.uk For more information, please visit: http://www.tradlessons.com/ePipesDrones.html

5 Nov 2015 – “Irish Flute” is now free!

  My “Irish Flute” app for iPad is now free! Check it out at: http://www.tradlessons.com/IrishFlute.html