End-of-Life for several of my older iOS apps

The release of iOS9 has forced me to make some difficult decisions regarding continued sales and support for the earliest apps I developed nearly 5 years ago.

They were all fine until yesterday, and now on devices with iOS9 they crash at launch.

Updating them for iOS9 and modern devices would be a major effort requiring me to essentially start from scratch for each app and I just don’t have the enthusiasm or energy to take this on at this time.

It is with a heavy heart and to be honest, a sense of relief, that I’m announcing the end of life and no future updates to the following iOS apps:

PipeKeys D, C, and B
HexJam HD

If you have any of these apps and they are currently working for you, nothing will change.

They are not compatible with iOS9 and I will not be doing any further work on them. If you upgrade to iOS9, they will crash if you launch them.

They were so old that Apple wouldn’t even let me update their descriptions to say “not compatible with iOS 9” unless I uploaded a new version.

They have all been removed from sale on the iTunes App store.

If you bought one of these apps, thank you! I truly hope you enjoyed them. It’s been a good run having these apps run without any updates for the most part since iOS 5.

I do plan to update the following two apps so they don’t crash on iOS 9:

Englitina (update submitted on 19 Sep)

as I am a very strong believer in the use of the English Concertina layout as a nearly perfect music control method for a phone.

There are also a whole bunch of updates I need to do for most of the Hohner Diatonic Accordion apps for both iPhone and iPad as well as all the Concertina-related iPad apps to address a click noise that is occurring at the end of sounds. I’ll be rolling those updates out over the coming weeks.

Cheers and thanks for your support over the years!