The Ould Sod Virtual Session


Please come join our weekly “Round the Circle” style virtual Zoom session every Tuesday night from 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM Pacific Time!

“The Ould Sod” is the San Diego neighborhood pub where I’ve been co-hosting a session every Tuesday night for over 20 years.   Of course sessions in person are on hold for the duration, but the pub has re-opened after being shut down since March!

Here’s how it works:

Anyone on the meeting may volunteer to start a set.

I mute everyone’s microphones except the person playing the set.

The person plays their set, and everyone else can hear them and play along.

Because only one mike is un-muted, you hear only the person who started the set and yourself.

When done with the set, I will un-mute all the microphones (for those who have allowed the meeting host to un-mute).

At that point anyone can pick a new set to play and I do the same muting setup as before for the next set leader.

Here’s the Zoom meeting info:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 619 368 1854
Password: session

If you’d like to toss something into my virtual tip jar to help pay for the Zoom Pro account required to conduct multi-hour sessions, my PayPal ID is:

Please watch the videos below to show how to configure the audio settings in Zoom to get the best possible sound on your computer or mobile device for playing in the session:

Here’s a video showing how to make changes to the audio settings in Zoom for best sound for playing music in online sessions:

Most important are to disable these two settings under the Audio/Advanced settings:

Suppress Persistent Background Noise
Suppress Intermittent Background Noise

You also need to turn on “Use Original Sound” using the toggle in the upper left hand corner of the screen when in the session:

If you’ve been on a Zoom session and people are telling you that your sound cuts off after a second or so when playing your instrument, most likely these two settings are still enabled. Disable them and it should fix the problem.

For those of you on iOS or Android, here’s a video about best sound settings on those devices:

iOS versions of Zoom now support the “Use Original Sound” option to improve sound for music. This turns off the background noise suppression that often causes instruments to get cut off on sustained notes.

You have to turn it on in both your meeting settings as well as when on a Zoom meeting.

In the meeting settings turn on “Use Original Sound” and in the meeting itself, turn on “Enable Original Sound”

Zoom on iPhone:

Zoom on iPad: