Watch professional musicians play my apps live on stage and in studio:

Jimmy Zambrano – “San Juan De Rió Seco Cundinamcarca”

Los Tres Tristes Tigres – “Mi Cuenta Nueva”

Rory Nieto – “La Maquinaria Nortena”

Heriberto Rodriguez – “Ojos Verdes”

Billy Lee from “Billy Lee and the Swamp Critters” – “Joli Blan”

Fernando Arroyo from Guanajuato, Mexico

Orlan Charles – “Braveheart – Coração Valente”

Orlan Charles – “Marcha dos Soldados Mortos em Combate”

Chuy from Los Tres Tristes Tigres teaches how to play “Mi Cuenta Nueva”

Banjo Guy Ollie – World of Warcraft – The Lion’s Pride Inn

Me playing “Uilleann” version 6.0 – “Táimse im Chodladh”

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