5 Nov 2015 – New version of “World of Bagpipes” available

There’s a new version of “World of Bagpipes” available on the iTunes App Store:

Added additional chromatic note options for Great Highland Pipes, Border Pipes, SmallPipes, and Uilleann pipes:

Based on the standard GHB fingering where the lowest note on the chanter is named G and the drone is named A (independent of the actual pitches produced), the fingering for the new notes are as follows:

(X = closed, O = open, listed thumb first then the fingers from top to bottom of the chanter)

G# (high): X OXX XXXX

The Sackpipa is really it’s own thing, and didn’t get any new notes in this update.

Added alternate fourth interval drone option (Eb for Great Highland Pipes, D for Border Pipes and SmallPipes, G for Uilleann pipes, A for Sackpipa)

A huge thank you to Orlan Charles in Brazil for requesting the new features.


Nice review of the Hohner EAD SqueezeBox for the iPad

Got a nice review today on the iTunes App Store for the Hohner EAD SqueezeBox app on the iPad:

“Quality App by Luckee49er”
“This is a great app, for us new guys. I think this app is a great for learning, the real deal can get expensive. It’s a little touchy but it makes us precise. Thank you for making it affordable for the regular Joe!”


Happy Halloween!


A great photo from “Los Tres Tristes Tigres”

Los Tres Tristes Tigres Halloween 2015


20 Oct 2015 – Song Tabs back in the Hohner GCF SqueezeBox app

If you have the Hohner-GCF SqueezeBox app for the iPad, go grab the latest version 4.1.1 from the iTunes App Store. It restores the song tabs feature that was removed in the 4.0 update.

Cheers and thanks,



10 Oct 2015 – New version of Duettina!

Check out the new version of Duettina!


It’s a Hayden-style pocket concertina for the iPhone!

First update since 2010, now for iPhone 4, 5, 6, and iOS 7, 8, and 9.

Coming soon to the iTunes App Store.


10 October 2015 – iOS 9 updates for the Hohner SqueezeBox apps!

Apple has approved all my iOS 9 updates to the three-row Hohner iPad SqueezeBox and SqueezeBox Xtreme II apps for both iPhone and iPad!

Go grab the updates from the iTunes App Store!


2 October 2015 – New iPhone 5 and 6 versions of the Mini-SqueezeBox apps!

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve ported all three of the Mini-SqueezeBox apps over to iOS 9. Also, all three apps are now optimized for iPhone 5 and 6!

The updates have been submitted to Apple and should be available around Oct 8th.

Here’s screenshots of the new iPhone 5/6 versions:




I’ve also submitted new versions of the two row B/C and D/G Mini Accordion apps for iPhone 4, 5, and 6 for iOS 9.


30 September 2015 – More iOS 9 Updates!

The iOS 9 updates for the two-row Hohner Melodeon apps for the iPad in the keys of B/C, C#/D, D/G, G/C, and C/F are now available to current owners of the apps as free downloads on the iTunes App Store. These new versions also improve the sound quality on iOS 7 and 8.

I’ve also submitted iOS 9 updates for the three-row 31-button Hohner SqueezeBox iPad apps in GCF, FBbEb, ADG, EAD, and BbEbAb, the 34-button Xtreme SqueezeBox apps in GCF, FBbEb, and EAD, as well as the Cajun IV. They should be available around October 7. They also have sound quality improvements for iOS 7 and 8.


23 September 2015 – iOS 9 updates!


The iOS9 updates for ConcertinaXL, EnglitinaXL, and Englitina are now available on the iTunes App Store!


18 September 2015 – Update on iOS 9 fixes

Happy to report that my fix for iOS 9 click noises on the older apps is working great on my test devices.

I have submitted updates to Apple for:

Englitina (iPhone)
EnglitinaXL (iPad)
ConcertinaXL (iPad and iPhone)
Hohner B/C Button Accordion (iPad)

The fixes for iOS 9 also improve the sound and stability for iOS 7 and iOS 8, so this is all good.

Assuming all goes well with the review process, once these are approved I’ll be using the same design to update the rest of the Hohner diatonic accordion apps.