5 new Hohner iOS apps for piano and chromatic accordion players!

I’m very excited to announce 5 new Hohner iOS apps for Piano and Chromatic accordion players!

MIDI controllers for each style as well!

Hohner Piano SqueezeBox (iPad)

Hohner Piano Mini-SqueezeBox (iPhone/iPod Touch)

Hohner Chromatic SqueezeBox (iPad)

Hohner MIDI Piano Accordion – MIDI controller (iPad)

Hohner MIDI Chromatic Accordion – MIDI controller (iPad)

All are are available now on the iTunes App Store.

The standalone Piano and Chromatic apps will be on sale for $0.99 until September 7.

The MIDI versions are $4.99 and are for those who already have either hardware synthesizers or are familiar with running software MIDI synthesizers on their iPads.

Cheers and thanks,