Traditional Musical Instrument Apps

by Michael Eskin

Now Accordion, Concertina, and Bagpipes players can play or practice anywhere!

To get started, please choose the instrument you want to play by clicking on the Main Menu above.

Play my apps on the go, take them on stage and play live, or use them to add traditional instrument sounds to your recordings and soundtracks like these artists:

The apps are perfect for learning and practicing in your apartment, on a work break, when the kids are asleep, or wherever you are. Wherever you have your mobile device, you can play or practice. Play in headphones while waiting for a meeting, or while riding the bus, train, or plane.

On a recent American Airlines trip to visit my parents, I practiced chromatic button accordion in headphones all the way from Sacramento to Los Angeles. Try doing that with your real accordion!

If you want to learn to play any of these instruments but don’t want to invest a lot of money buying a real one, my apps are an inexpensive way to get started. The skills you acquire from playing the apps transfer to the real instruments.

I know this works from first-hand experience. I learned to play B/C button accordion first from my Hohner B/C Melodeon iPad app before getting a real one, and was very quickly able to play tunes on the real instrument.

My apps will give you a realistic experience of playing these instruments for a fraction of the cost of a real one.

Already play one of these traditional instruments, but want to use your current skills to play hardware or software MIDI synthesizers? Check out my MIDI control surfaces!

I hope you will enjoy playing them as much as I do.

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